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I have worked with Amanda Palmer for many years. She thanked me on her solo album
and recommends me in her blog:
"I was lucky enough on the day of the show itself to have Renée Hahn come and do acupuncture on my aching, travel-weary bod. One advantage of doing ANYTHING in San Francisco is the number of friends I have who will physically take care of me. Renée has been my acupuncturist for years, and I’ve promised her a blog at some point extolling the virtues and awesomeness of acupuncture, which I swear I’ll do. But this blog is getting ridiculously long already. So consider this a commercial break: if you’re in dire need of relief from what’s ailing you and you’re in the bay area, I...say to you: Renée Hahn for acupuncture – – ...the BEST."

Amanda Palmer

Best-selling author of The Art of Asking, songwriter and lead vocalist and pianist of the punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls

"My partner and I have been seeing Renée for the last few years. We came to her with a pile of complaints revolving around menopause. We'd tried every other possible modality with little or no success, and so when she was recommended by a friend, we went in with a what-have-we-got-to-lose attitude, but not much hope. What a surprise when we both immediately began to see results. We've been relieved of some of our worst menopausal/hormonal symptoms and finally feel like we're in great hands during these tough years. Renée's combination of cranial sacral therapy and acupuncture is unique, and her personalized approach is confidence-instilling. She brings a grounded, no-nonsense attitude to each session, but also a sweet, healing energy. The perfect balance. And yes, we can speak to her great sense of humor, too, which always helps when your hormones are raging."

Joelle H.

Teacher, San Francisco

"Renée is an amazing practitioner. Through her skill and talent, Renée has managed to treat conditions that no other health care provider has been able to help me with for the long term. Because of her help I've been able to return to activities that were cut out of my life due to allergy related asthma. She is kind, direct, compassionate and approachable. She is professional without being cold. I'd recommend her to any loved one and have."

Jenn A.

Health Care Worker, Berkeley

"Renée helped me through a difficult period of my life. After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, I was frustrated and fearful that it might never happen. At first I was reluctant and nervous to try acupuncture. After meeting with Renée however, her kind, gentle and intelligent demeanor made me feel right at ease. I began looking forward to my appointments and within six months I became pregnant. I highly recommend Renée and her services, and I will always be grateful for her help."

Beth A.


"Renée provided expert services to my family and patients using herbal treatments, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture to achieve superb results. We never felt better, slept better, or had a more positive attitude."

Dr. Mark E. Costa

MD, Boston

"As someone who started out not completely sure about whether acupuncture could help me, I have been pleasantly surprised at how good I feel after treatments with Renée. I am especially appreciative of her patient, compassionate and nonjudgmental style as well as how knowledgeable, insightful and persistent she is getting to the bottom of my concerns. Also her suggestions have helped not only me but my partner and my mother - what more could I ask for? Plus she has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Renée Hahn."

Hannah Doress via LinkedIn

Word Out Consulting, Fairfax

"I carefully choose the practitioners I continue with, and Renée is incredibly skilled and intuitive. I was initially curious & skeptical, but she keyed right into the patterns & issues in my body on my first visit. And she has a smashing sense of humor, to boot. She has a refreshingly unique approach, skillfully combining both craniosacral work & acupuncture. Her cranio is deep & opening, and the acupuncture augments & maintains the centering results. (I am of the clammy palm-ed sort around all those needles... she's quite considerate & distracting in a humorous way when I need them.) I am able to integrate the benefit from her work better than any other treatment or practitioner I've tried before & no longer need to see a Chiropractor."

Nif H.

Artist, San Francisco

"I thought that the pain in my right leg was going to be a life friend until I met Renée. Even after the first session there was relief and now I am pain free. Renée is a talented and kind professional that I would recommend to anyone who trusts the healing power of Acupuncture and Craniosacral work."

Kate V.

Yoga Instructor, Mill Valley

"Renée's healing skills have changed my life. I first started acupuncture and craniosacral therapy with Renée to treat my chronic headaches - headaches that had been part of my daily life for years and treated ineffectively with pain killers, muscle relaxants and migraine medications. After several treatments and gradually swapping out the pharmaceuticals with herbs, I was a little surprised that I was starting to feel better. I wasn't sure that Chinese medicine could help me - especially after so many years of frustrating visits with doctors who didn't know why I was having the headaches and just treated my symptoms with strong drugs. The headaches didn't go away all at once, nor was it an easy process - I had to change some of my daily habits to help the treatments be more effective. Participating in my own care was a big shift from assuming that drugs alone could help me (they couldn't). Thanks to Renée, I have been nearly headache-free for about a year. My life used to be about enduring pain and trying to deal and be happy anyway. Now, I have a ton of energy, less anxiety and I actually feel like a healthy person. This is a Big Deal!

Renée also treated me for Bell's Palsy last October. After one week of acupuncture treatments, my facial paralysis began to unfreeze and after two weeks I could blink again. Three weeks after my first symptoms, my face was back to normal. I know that Renée's care made a huge difference in my recovery time. Renée genuinely cares about your well-being. The integration of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and herbs is very powerful and I have experienced excellent results. I highly recommend Renée!"

Erin M.

Legal Librarian, San Francisco

"I started going to see Renée when I came down with acute tonsillitis (a flare up of a chronic condition). I had been on antibiotics 7 times in 6 months and though my western doctor suggested it, I did not want to have a tonsillectomy. I was given 6 months by my doctor to stay off the antibiotics or they were going to operate. Now, I have nothing against western medicine but I figure my organs are there for a reason and I wanted to try another method. Renée assessed my situation, treated me with acupuncture, herbs and cranial sacral and I have not had a throat infection in over a year and a half."

Bryan K.

San Francisco

"Renée was recommended by a friend, but until I was injured in a motorcycle wreck I wasn't sure about trying acupuncture or craniosacral therapy. Renée's healing skill reduced the pain, allowing me to get off the painkillers I'd been on (and their side effects). My recovery was complete, thanks to her combination of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and herbs. Her calm, compassionate, and grounded manner is a real plus, as well."

Heidi L.


"Initially I was apprehensive about trying acupuncture but Renée made me feel at ease during my first visit. Now I wish I had tried it sooner! I visit Renée for acupuncture and craniosacral therapy and after my treatments I feel refreshed and relaxed. When I first started to see Renée I had chronic neck pain. After trying just about everything with little to no relief I was very impressed that after only a few treatments with Renée my pain was gone. I recently developed tendinitis in my knee and once again after visiting Renee my pain was gone. This is a testament to her training and ability to heal. I have been very impressed with the treatments I have received from Renée. She doesn't just mask pain but really gets to the root of it. Go see Renée!"

Jaime M.

Pilates Instructor, San Francisco

"I went to Renée on the recommendation of a friend who was having great success with some chronic problems. I am a forty-something guy – not skinny, but not obese, on no meds, good cholesterol and blood sugar, eat and drink whatever I want, but always feeling a little blah and low-grade urban anxiety. It is one of those situations where intuitively I knew I could feel better than I did, but there was nothing to diagnose in the traditional medical sense. I visited Renée and I found her very attentive to the description of my health and thorough in her discussion of how acupuncture and Chinese medicine could benefit me. The treatments are great and I found I looked forward to them like I look forward to getting a massage. Renée prescribed a series of Chinese herb mixtures that had no side affects in addition to the acupuncture. After just two or three visits I started noticing a difference in my general well-being. The most noticeable change was a general feeling of calmness and well-being. A more subtle change, but possibly more profound, was I started to feel satisfied after eating a meal. Previously, I could 'graze' and drink whenever I felt the urge or became bored. Now, I typically eat only when hungry and am satisfied by one serving of food. I recommend Renée as a caring practitioner, who is always attentive to my concerns and enjoys explaining treatments and sharing the joy of positive outcomes."

Bruce S.


"Renée is my 'primary care' guru. If you're broken, she will fix you. I see her often and am better for it."

Tracey Sylvester

EHS Pilates Studio Owner, San Francisco

"I've been going to Renée regularly for a couple years for both acupuncture and craniosacral therapy after undergoing multiple serious ankle surgeries. Although my physical therapy after surgery was over, I was in constant pain and had difficulty walking. Working with Renée I've been extremely happy with the progress I have made in both pain reduction, relaxation and mobility. I think Renée's work has played a very large part in my ability to walk around as freely as I do today. Renée has been very accommodating (even moving her therapy area once so that I could access it more easily) and tremendously effective when I come in with ankle pain flare-ups or pain related to my desk/computer job. In general, when I have any pain issues, I seek out Renée for relief."

Gwynne S. via Yelp

San Francisco

"Saw Renée about 3 years ago when I was hopeless. Lost my vision in one eye (nobody could ever find the reason), went to three different eye 'specialists' and all of them said there was nothing they could do for me. After Renée treated me for almost 3 months, my vision returned and my blood pressure was even back to normal. I could see better, sleep better and I felt healthy again. Renée is great. Professional, compassionate, expertise is impressive. Would definitely return to her and definitely recommend to anyone who is seeking a competent and skilled accupuncturist who also practices craniosacral therapy as well."

Chris Y. via Yelp

Physical Therapist, San Francisco

"Renée is a solid and highly skilled clinician. I went to four acupuncturists before I began to work with Renée; although they were also qualified, none of them managed to relieve my symptoms. Renée provides excellent care that works. I'm symptom-free--so relieved now!"

Nicole L.

Psychotherapist and Documentary Filmmaker, San Francisco

“I found Renée when my son was 2 years old. He was diagnosed with a pre-asthma condition. The Western medical solution was to give him an inhaler with steroids to remove the inflammation in the lungs. That strong treatment would be for an indefinite time. No need to say we were very relieved to see the breathing and wheezing improve drastically with the acupressure, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and Chinese herbal treatment provided by Renée. Our son is now 4 years old and does not need any medicine to support his immune system. His immune system appears to be functioning better than his preschool friends as he did not even get a cold during the past cold/flu season of fall and winter."

Genevieve B.

San Francisco