Happy New Year!

The year 2015 is here! I hope you had a wonderful holiday time.

Happy new year! What improvements in your health do you want to see this year? Eat more whole, organic foods and cut back on sugar and processed foods? Have deeper, more refreshing sleep and better energy? Release stress from the body and ease tension? Attend to nagging health problems that are not resolving on their own?

The work I do can be of great support. Acupuncture, herbal medicine if needed, tailored to your particular health condition, and restorative bodywork help your body and mind come into balance and experience vibrant health.

Acupuncture helps stabilize blood sugar and regulate the metabolism, building energy which can help you to make healthier food choices. We also can explore your current diet and I can make recommendations.

Acupuncture relaxes the nervous system, helping the body and mind come into a restful state, which enables healing and repair of cells and body tissues, reducing inflammation.

The craniosacral bodywork is a terrific complement to acupuncture. I also offer this as a separate treatment as needed and by request (as an hour long session).

The new year is an excellent time for a tune up!